Friday, August 20, 2010

csa challenge

I've come to find that being part of a CSA can be quite challenging.  Sometimes it's an exciting challenge, but lately I'm getting a bit weary.  Just this week, I received a bag full of large chilies, beets, purslane (a leafy weed that's sort of like spinach), kohlrabi (a knobby root that tastes like broccoli trunks), and more potatoes.  The potatoes are challenging because I'd much rather cook rice, couscous, quinoa or pasta as my dinner starch.  Potatoes just seem so heavy.  And finding recipes to deal with the other vegetables that I've never cooked with or heard of can be tiresome.  I constantly feel like I'm just throwing stuff together for dinner instead of actually planning meals.  Perhaps that will change as I become more familiar with intimidating veggies.

Tonight's menu may be a turning point.  It uses local potatoes, purslane and zucchini:

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