Sunday, September 19, 2010

bargains & boredom

I heart Kohl's.  I especially heart the clearance rack at Kohl's.  Today I snatched up a hurricane candle holder for $6.80.  And I love that they show you the "retail" price ($39.99) so it makes you feel even more fabulous about your bargain...even though everything is always on sale at Kohl's (except sports bras for some reason.)  I filled the hurricane with corks, a pumpkin spice candle and a mini jelly jar under the candle to lift it up a bit.  Now I feel like putting out the rest of my autumn decorations.  I heart autumn too.  I'll just pretend it's autumn inside while my new tomato plants wilt in the 108 degree ridiculousness outside.

Ginger wasn't as impressed with my successful shopping trip.  And she gets awfully bored when it's just me puttering around the house.  Here she is waiting for something to happen.

And then!  She hears a noise! Someone at the door?!

 But alas, it was nothing.  Back to waiting for Todd to come home from work.  Seriously.  When I come home from somewhere, why don't I get the same kind of illustrious greeting that he gets?

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  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.