Monday, September 27, 2010

kitchen: phase 1: shiny new appliances

When we moved into our new (to us) home, the only urgent change we needed to make to the kitchen was purchasing new appliances.  There was no fridge and the GE Spacemaker Cooking Center was ancient.  The kitchen already had a fairly new stainless steel dishwasher so we thought we'd go for broke and buy every HGTV House Hunter's #1 request: all stainless steel appliances.

Tony at Sears, who reminded me of my grandpa if he had come from New Jersey, hooked us up with a Samsung convection range, microwave hood and french-door fridge (with my preference: no ice in the door because it takes up too much room and isn't it easy enough to get ice from the freezer?)  I never knew Samsung made kitchen appliances, but apparently, they have a good reputation.  Everything has been working great since we had them installed three months ago.

There is one (kinda big) issue I have with these new appliances.  I'm just not really digging the stainless steel!  I worry too much about wrecking the finish when I open the fridge with my messy hands from cooking.  I wipe off every little water splash that hits it.  And polishing it is a royal pain because the bright light from the wall of windows it faces makes every little streak show.  In short, I'm too...meticulous (to put it nicely) for stainless steel.  I miss the easy clean-ability with white appliances.  But the stainless steel ones are quite pretty.

I can't wait until we get that other item coveted by House Hunters everywhere (granite countertops) to see what new hang-ups I'll have then.

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