Tuesday, February 8, 2011

becoming one with the cacti

This is the perfect time to get outdoors...here in Phoenix. Before you know it, the air will be oppressive even before you get out of bed, so we must take advantage of these precious 70-degree "winter" days. 

The other day we went on a morning hike in South Mountain Park, supposedly the country's largest city park at almost 17,000 acres. You can drive all the way to the summit for an impressive view of the entire Phoenix valley, but there are also lots of rocky trails for a more rigorous visit. We've only conquered one so far, but we have a few more months to explore before summer hibernation.

Ginger conquers Kiwanis Trail

ancient petroglyphs or present-day graffiti?

chest-bumping cacti

seen better days

a look of adoration

funny face

hazy Phoenix skyline

Imagine 5 bright yellow bi-planes in formation buzzing over this small canyon (since I didn't have my camera out at the time. I was totally bummed I missed the photo op!)

cactus sprouts

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