Monday, February 21, 2011

demolition day!

Within a few short hours today, the kitchen turned into an empty wasteland and the rest of the house acquired an oh-so-annoying layer of dust. Why did I even clean last weekend? Take a look at the remodeling progress for day 1, but first a few last glimpses into the past:

My arch-nemesis - the water would NEVER stay on unless you tilted the handle to full-blast:

Cracked tile counter and dirty grout: 

Major water damage under the sink - probably because the reverse osmosis system is ridiculously complicated. We've already had at least two floods since we moved in last summer:

At the beginning of demo day:

At noon on demo day (cabinets out but soffit still needs to be cut up):


At the end of demo day (soffit cut away to make room for taller cabinets and so that I (and other people shorter than 5'4") can actually see through the pass-through):

Dinner on day 1: Chipotle! I promised myself I'd figure out how to heat up leftover stew tomorrow...

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