Thursday, February 24, 2011

they're heeee-rrrrrrreeee

Our cabinets arrived yesterday! I was so nervous despite having seen samples in the cabinet showroom. Never fear; they turned out gorgeous. The cherry is warm and has just enough variation to appeal to my taste in rustic-ness...if that's a word. The uppers and crown molding were installed yesterday and the rest will be installed and leveled by Monday. Then the granite folks can swoop in and make their counter templates. It's a tad behind the original schedule estimate, but I really wasn't expecting a completely smooth process. 

Speaking of which, our handles and knobs are on back-order, the tile back splash layout appears to be exceedingly tricky, no one can figure out if our under-cabinet lights are dimmable, and I'm still waiting on my RO faucet to be delivered. But enough about the reasons behind my eyelid twitch; onto the pictures!

I really didn't realize our whole home would be coated in dust, but the following pics make up for the mess!


  1. The cabinets are hilariously tall. You need a cabinet to hold the ladder you'll need to access those cabinets!

  2. Too tall? You know I'm going to be asking you to pull stuff down for me all the time.

    Also, I think I just noticed that there's a ceiling light in the living room (you can see it in the last pic.) Is THAT what the mystery switch goes to? Or am I crazy and we already figured that out long ago?