Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the great outdoors

We live in a neighborhood full of tiny yards. Everyone has a brick wall surrounding their backyard for privacy - since the homes are so close together. Phoenix doesn't have squirrels, so the only wildlife we get are lame birds and tiny lizards (and roof rats, but we don't like to think about those). Because of all this, it seemed quite surprising to find a pair of ducks in our backyard this morning! They hung out in the grass snacking away and then took a dip in the pool.

Ginger was itching to "make friends" with the ducks. After they disappeared into the sideyard, I let Ginger out. She went to work sniffing around in the grass. I walked around the corner of the house to find the ducks sitting on the side patio. A few minutes later, Ginger comes blasting around the corner, I duck for cover (and possibly squeal) and the ducks take off. I don't think Ginger would have known what to do next if she had actually caught one of them!

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