Monday, April 4, 2011

backyard war zone

Chaos and destruction are in the works for tomorrow. The targets of this deadly mission?

Overgrown mangled Texas Sage hedges. From another angle:

 Insane quantities of rosemary and more Texas sage:

Don't forget the half-dead bottlebrush tree monstrosity. I hope to hear our next door neighbors clapping when that thing comes down.

In the next few weeks after the epic battle, the plan is to create a beautiful low-water low-maintenance desert garden. (Designs by Todd, "Helpful" Suggestions by me.) I hope the cheery new garden will help me get past the guilt of ripping out some perfectly fine plants. That poor rosemary doesn't know what's coming.

1 comment:

  1. That rosemary is a bee's hive, and those stupid Texas sages are old, overgrown, woody, and ugly. Not to mention that the yard will still have about 10 more after we take those out. Nothing to regret!