Friday, April 29, 2011

fun with artichokes

On Easter, I cooked the baby artichokes from last week's CSA haul. Cleaned them down to their tiny hearts, sauteed them with garlic and walnuts, and tossed that with some gnocchi and lemon zest (and perhaps a pat of butter). Springy and lovely, but I think I'll try something even simpler with this week's even-tinier artichokes:

It's perfect because I've been craving calamari. I just hope they have chopped squid at the grocery store...I'm not sure I'm ready to dissect a whole squid. My first time cooking live clams and mussels freaked me out enough.

takes a lot of leaf-removing to get to the heart

gnocchi with artichokes and walnuts - not so pretty when your artichokes turn brown the instant you slice them

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