Wednesday, May 11, 2011

chunky mcchunkerson

Took Ginger to the vet today to get her bordetella vaccine nose drops before she gets boarded in a few weeks. She tolerated the drops (and the butt thermometer) like a champ. Unfortunately, I still walked out of the vet's office a little upset. Ginger's gained a whole mess of weight since last autumn and we didn't even notice.

I weighed her once we got home because I just couldn't believe it. Sure enough, 26.5 lbs. That's up from 23 lbs last year! And it's the most she's ever weighed. (She's about 5 years old.)

In the back of my mind, I'm wondering if her thyroid is out of whack. My sister's boxer had been packing on the pounds and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. But until we head back to the vet next month for her full check-up, I'll keep my paranoia at bay and get cracking on a diet and exercise plan:

  • old diet: scant 1/2 cup dog food + green beans, twice a day
  • new diet: 1/3 cup dog food + green beans, twice a day
  • smaller treats, continue doling them out twice a day
  • longer speedier morning walks
  • same old evening walks (because it's just too hot)
  • re-implement nightly play time - we've been major slackers

Swimsuit season is just about here, Ginger. Let's get movin'!

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