Thursday, August 25, 2011

bits and bobs

  • I finally bought the makings for smores which I've been craving (along with every other sweet known to mankind). Now if only it'd cool off outside. Toasting marshmallows over the grill when it's 113 out just doesn't seem very pleasant.
  •  Just discovered a dark chocolate/caramel/sea salt candy bar at Trader Joe's. It's divine and messy and I bet it'd make uber-divine and uber-messy smores...
  • How great is this idea - watermelon salad in the form of "pizza"?! I'd definitely go the feta + mint route.
  • Even though I currently can't partake in adult beverages, I'm looking forward to celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary at Roy's for happy hour next week. It's "Hawaiian Fusion" cuisine and we ate at the one in Maui on our honeymoon. If you happen to have a Roy's near you, I'd highly recommend their "aloha" happy hour - great food and bev deals. It's one of the handful of chain restaurants we food snobs will eat at. Well, I'll gladly eat at more than my husband. How can you not like Carrabba's?!

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