Friday, August 5, 2011

catching up

Life's been a bit hectic lately. Here's the run-down of what's been going on:

  • Vacationed in Europe for 2 weeks. It was great to tool around Belgium and the Netherlands but I've decided 2 weeks is a bit too long for me. As much as I love discovering new places and trying foreign foods, I'm still a homebody at heart.
  • We tried something new with Ginger when we went away. I couldn't bear to board her for 2 whole weeks so she stayed at home and got 3 daily visits from a pet sitter and a neighbor. She did pretty good and only started making messes the last few days. I guess she was getting mad about being alone. She's also developed an annoying barking habit since then. Every little noise outside puts her on high alert. Hopefully that dwindles the longer we're back/when the neighbors are done remodeling their house.
  • Just got back from a quick business trip across the country to my company's office. It was nice to actually have some human interaction - working from home can be a drag sometimes.
  • And the biggie...
  • I'm pregnant! With our first child! I'm currently 4 months along, feeling good, and rapidly expanding all of a sudden. I was lucky in that I never got terribly sick during the first trimester. I mostly didn't like drinking water or cooking. I can't believe my pregnancy is almost to the halfway mark. Just 11 more days until we find out if it's a boy or a girl! P.S. - I got pressured into finding out. I wanted to leave it a surprise just to be different, but practicality won out in the end!


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy!
    Being an european, I must ask, how different did you find europe than US? :) We are moving back next year, and of course we're taking our corgi with us..Is not going to be fun..but we must do it :)

  2. Thank you!

    The pace of life is so much different in Europe! That's what I think would be most difficult to get used to. In the US, we're so used to having access to anything we could want at a big box store (like Walmart) just down the street and everything's so much cheaper. Restaurant service is much more efficient in the US; people don't linger for hours like they do in Europe. On the other hand, for as expensive as Europe is, I bet it's worth living there to experience all the history, architecture and culture. Plus, I'm sure native Europeans moving back would have a much easier time adjusting than I would as an American citizen from the Midwest, no less, land of wide-open spaces.

    Good luck to you (and your corgi!)