Wednesday, October 20, 2010

corgi speak

Well, I managed to capture a few bits of Ginger doing her corgi-talk.  Most of the time she just looks at me and the camera suspiciously, but I caught her off-guard a few times, when she just couldn't contain her excitement.  (Yes, she does act more excited than this sometimes, but overall she's a pretty laid-back pup.) Do all corgis talk like this?

Anticipating her breakfast:

And anticipating her walk while I put my shoes on:


  1. Absolutely! Here is Gibson talking :)

  2. Yes, but Peanut does it a different way. Peanut first starts yawning and then he makes a sharp high note with his voice :). But, your lil' corgi has one unique voice!!!

  3. Wicket makes the same sounds!!