Monday, October 25, 2010

weebles wobble but they don't fall down

This was supposed to be Ginger's Christmas gift, but I couldn't resist busting out a shiny new toy last night.  Since she's long since mastered the Tricky Treat Ball (the large one), I thought our food-motivated pup could use a new challenge.  The Kong Wobbler!  I didn't realize it was so large - it's as big as her head!  I thought maybe Ginger wouldn't like it because large objects tend to scare her.  She'll skulk away timidly from even a balloon rolling around on the floor.  But once she realized that treats magically appeared from the toy, she was definitely interested.  She didn't quite figure it out the first time though:

"Can you hit it again please?  I need another treat."


Pouting will get you nowhere. Gotta figure it out for yourself!

And then today she had a breakthrough.  I hit it a few times to dispense a treat for her and then went to the kitchen to make my lunch.  Soon enough, I heard the clacking of her nails batting it around, so I peeked in the bedroom to catch her in action.  Got her on video a little later too.

Since Ginger doesn't play fetch (i.e. we still haven't taught her), these puzzle toys are gold for doggie boredom.  Maybe we'll teach her to fetch as her Christmas gift, since I'm no good at hanging onto toys!


  1. Oh my goodness! Peanut has a Kong Wobbler too! It was hard to find one though. Peanut learned how to use the wobbler in a minute. He used to get mad at it and make noises, but now he finishes all the treats in there in 5 minutes. Nice video!

  2. Man, I love my dog.