Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weeble wobble follow-up

Playtime has gotten much more exciting since the introduction of the Kong Wobbler.  Though I have come to discover a few minor issues with it.  WIth Ginger's tricky treat ball, she knows when to stop playing with it because no more rattling = no more treats.  The wobbler, however, is weighted on one end with sand so it makes noise when the toy's batted around, whether or not there are treats inside.  Ginger can't tell when the treats are spent so she just continues to play with it.  And then she gets upset that she can't get any more treats out so she starts making frustrated puppy grunts and growls.  I guess this will have to be an adult-supervised toy so we can put it away before she has a conniption fit.

The other issue?  The massive amount of slobber deposited on the toy when Ginger is having said conniption fit.  At least the wobbler is washable!


  1. haha! Well, I use Gibson's kibble in the wobbler and it does make noise so he knows when it is empty. What type of treat are you using in it? Maybe use something a little harder?

  2. I usually break up those Omega duck treats into little bits. She loves those (not that there's a treat she'll actually turn down.) I'll try kibbles instead!

  3. Hehehe, Peanut makes growls and grunts too. No treat toy is to smart for Peanut :( But at least he is smart!