Sunday, March 27, 2011

our first major home project: complete!

After four weeks of kitchen gutting and re-assembling, we're finally back up and running...mostly. There still is a (hopefully) minor electrical outlet issue that, cross my fingers, gets fixed this week. But for all intents and purposes, the kitchen is functional and beautiful. I broke it in a few days ago by making a fennel & swiss chard quiche - complete with homemade crust! It felt good to get back in the kitchen even though I had trouble finding things.

Let's start with some before-and-afters and then move on to some close-up shots.

First, the dry bar:

A slightly opened-up pass-through:

And the main event!

Surprisingly, it was the faucet from Amazon that ended up being defective, not the RO faucet that I bought on eBay. A new replacement from Lowe's did the trick:

The LED under-cabinet lights aren't completely hidden, but they don't stick out like a sore thumb like I thought they would. I settled for "on/off" lights instead of dimmables because of MAJOR price differences and I'm happy with our selection:

It feels much more airy without the big bulkhead above these cabinets. Now I just need a step stool so I can reach the cabinets' second and third shelves!

We could have moved back into the kitchen a lot sooner but I had to be difficult and request handles that were back-ordered. But they're so pretty; it was worth the wait.

This photo is the best representation of the actual granite color:

Back to the dry bar, with the most interesting section of granite:

And now we can take a breather and enjoy the new kitchen until we decide what's next on tap...

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