Tuesday, May 31, 2011

almost ice cream

Lately I've been not-so-inspired and too busy and tired to post. But today I remembered something that I needed to spread the word about. Banana ice cream. I was obsessed with this last summer and then plain forgot about it. Until today.

One ingredient ice cream! And the only ingredient is bananas. Just try it (if I haven't forced you to try it already) and you'll be amazed.


1. Slice up a banana onto a wax paper covered tray.
2. Stick the tray in the freezer.
3. When the banana slices are frozen, take them out and throw them in a food processor.
4. Wait a few minutes while they defrost a tad and then turn on the food processor.
5. After a minute or so, the banana chunks will magically turn into a smooth ice cream-like consistency.
6. Enjoy your guilt-free frozen treat!

Note: If you're feeling fancy, you could mix in some peanut butter, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup once the bananas are blended.

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