Sunday, May 8, 2011

rock climbing

Went back to Usery Mountain Park this morning to tackle another hiking trail. Our first trek there last month ended up being a bit much on the pup. This time we took on Wind Cave Trail - 3.2 miles total, out and back. I thought it'd be an easy stroll since I noticed lots of families on it last month. Turns out it's 820 feet of elevation change, all uphill to a wind-carved cave in the side of Pass Mountain.

Sections of the trail were steep and rocky, but surprisingly, Ginger only had to be picked up twice to make it up over some rocks. And EVERYONE on the trail commented on her short legs and how she's a trooper. But she held her own amongst all the other dogs (all much bigger than her) and didn't seem all that exhausted by the time we reached the car. Our little mountain goat.

It was a nice way to spend another warm sunny morning.

palo verde in bloom

glowing palo verde and cholla cacti

the saguaros are in bloom

Ginger gets a helping hand

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